Product Code Name of the Product Description of the Product
Skyfluid MX-1100 (European) Eco Friendly Fluids for Boiler Makeup & Chillers It Protects Corrosion and scaling and increase the life of system, comes will long life durability (Up to 7 -11 years) and saves energy/Fuel up to 20-40%.
Skychem-501 Non oxidizing biocides It is a weekly dosing biocides.
Skychem-502 Oxidizing biocides It Controls algae formation in cooling tower. It is a weekly dosing biocide.
Skychem-503 Scale & corrosion Inhibitor It Controls scale & corrosion in cooling tower. It is Specially formulated chemical depend on high hardness moderate hardness & low hardness of cooling tower.
Skychem-504 Bio dispersants Bio dispersant which disperse the dead algae from cooling tower.
Skychem-505 Scale & corrosion Inhibitor for closed cooling system It is specially designed compound to prevent Scale & corrosion in closed circuit cooling System.
Skychem-506 pH Controller for cooling tower It Helps maintain the pH cooling tower between 7.5 – 8.5
Skychem-601 Membrane Anti scale for R.O. It Controls Caso Silica & Iron Deposits
Skychem-602 Microbicide for R.O. Plant It is an anti microbiological product designed for use in R. O. Plant
Skychem-603 Membrane De scalent Alkaline de scaling Chemical for Membrane cleaning.
Skychem-604 Membrane De scalent Acidic de scaling Chemical for Membrane cleaning
Skychem-611 Fast De-scaling Solvent A single de scaling compound which removes hard and soft scales from boiler, condensers, heat exchange & Sanitary Line etc.
Skychem-612 De scaling Chemicals for S.S. Vessels. Specially formulated de scaling compound for S.S. Vessels cleaning.
Skychem-704 Pre cleaning & Passivative Chemicals for New boilers It protect from pitting corrosion & tube failure due to in organic residues like silica & mild scales. It forms layers in the boilers.
Skychem-705 Multipurpose boiler feed water treatment chemicals. Polymer base single liquid to prevent Scale, Corrosion.
Skychem-706 Multipurpose Chemical for D.M. Water in Boiler It is a single chemical used for phosphate conditioning chemical de-oxygenation and sludge conditioner in boiler.
Skychem-707 Catalyzed Oxygen Scavenger It is a sulphite base chemical which prevent corrosion in the boiler.
Skychem-708 Scale inhibitor cum sludge conditioner Polyphosphate base chemical. It Prevents Scale in boiler and form phosphate layer in the boiler.
Skychem-709 pH Booster cum alkalinity Builder Amine base chemical which avoids corrosion in steam line due to carbonic acid.
Skychem-711 Multipurpose chemical for High pressure boilers It is a neutralizing filming amine & organic oxygen scavengers to control corrosion in boiler drum, stream, lines & condensate lines.
Skychem-712 Silica Dispersant It avoids hard Silicate Scale deposition in the boiler.
Skychem-810 Biocide for swimming Pool It is a blend of specially biocide & stabilizer chlorine donor for swimming Pool.

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